Your loose change can CHANGE lives! image

Your loose change can CHANGE lives!

"Fill the Bottle" to save babies

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Each year Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center, a ministry of St. Joseph's Helpers, has humbly asked our local churches to sponsor a baby bottle campaign. This year is a little different due to the heighted awareness of our health and transmittal of disease. We know it is important to our supporters to have an opportunity to give in a meaningful way, so this year we are launching our first ever "Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign!"

Honor your Mother and/or Father with a donation to the Virtual Baby Bottle! By filling the 'virtual baby bottle" you help keep our ministry available to women in difficult pregnancy situations. You can take a traditional approach by giving the amount of loose change you collect around your house (a fun activity for the now homebound school kids) or just give what you can during this campaign.

Help us help babies!

With our sincerest gratitude and love,

The board and staff of Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center